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Arbitration is an informal process in which two parties present their views of a dispute to a neutral third party, an arbitrator, who will listen to both sides, weigh the evidence and who will decide how the dispute will be resolved.
Disputes are brought before a neutral third party (the arbitrator) who, after carefully reviewing all of the relevant information, issues a final decision. It may favor one of the parties or the decision may effect both parties. The arbitrator will be asked to make a decision that he or she believes is fair based on the facts of your case.
What is arbitration?
Arbitrations are presented in writing to the arbitrator.
This process entails a fee for both parties.
How do I write an arbitration statement?
Before submitting your arbitration statement, you should prepare an outline of your argument. That way you wonít forget important points in your favor.
To help you we have provided an ARBITRATION CHECKLIST. Click the link to the right to get a copy
Arbitration Checklist
Remember that the sole purpose of the document is to allow the arbitrator to gather and sort the facts in order to make a fair decision. You should be prepared to convince the arbitrator that your position is right.

Use common sense and professional courtesy as you proceed. You are writing because a disagreement exists, but keep that disagreement factual and within the bounds of normal courtesy and conventional language. Arbitrators may not have technical expertise, so your presentation may be more productive if you can use lay personís terms to describe what happened
Arbitration should take place no later than 60 calendar days after your claim was final.
What is the deadline for an arbitration hearing?
Disputes eligible for arbitration are unresolved claims on interstate shipments of household goods for individual shippers that may occur as a result of ...
IMPORTANT! Only two types of disputes for interstate moves are eligible for arbitration!
1. loss or damage involving the articles contained in your shipment

What happens after the Arbitrator makes a decision?
2. additional charges that were billed by your mover after delivery
Both you and the moving company must abide by the decision. If one party refuses to go with the arbitration findings, the findings/decision document can be used in court. Members of USMA who do not follow the arbitration decision will be dropped from membership.
The arbitration is
That means the decision is final and can be enforced.
Your moving company is required to have an arbitration program. Global Claim Service LLC is affiliated with the
My dispute is eligible for arbitration and I want to arbitrate. Who do I contact?
US Movers Association (USMA)
Click Here to Go To USMA
a national trade association that represents carriers and agents in the household goods moving industry. Your moving company may be a member of USMA. If they are they have an arbitration program with the American Arbitration and Mediation Organization located in Staunton, Virginia.
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