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The Claims Process
Filing A Residential Claim
Or you can send us the Claim Form via the US Mail
Click Here for the Claim Form
1. A letter describing your grievances and a description of the lost and/or damaged items. Be sure to include your complete contact information - address, phone number(s) and email address.

2. A copy of your move Contract (UNIFORM HOUSEHOLD GOODS BILL OF LADING).

3. A copy of your itemized List of Contents (DESCRIPTIVE INVENTORY LIST) NOTE: If your move was Local [not state to state] there may not be an Inventory List).

4. Pictures of the damaged items. These don't have to be professional pictures, but the item must be discernable and the extent of the damages apparent.
Along with the CLAIM FORM mail the following:
TIP: Put your name and a description of the items on the back of the photos!
Mail this information and the CLAIM FORM to:

                         GLOBAL CLAIM SERVICE
                         7709 W. Boca Raton
                         Peoria, Arizona 85381
When we receive your claim we log it into our system, send you notification that we received your claim and start the claim process. Claim processing can take from 30-90 days. Please wait at least 30 days before contacting us about the status of your claim.

Claims for interstate moves must be filed within 9 months of the delivery date. For the time limit for intrastate (local) moves, please check with your local Department of Transportation

If you mailed your claim and have not heard from us in 30 days (we are required to notify you when we receive your claim) please call us and tell us you sent the claim but did not receive verification that we got it.

Do not send your original move documents

We cannot accept claims via email at this time. We do not accept CDs or DVDs via mail.

We recommend that you print your pictures out on a sheet rather than send us original photos. This will save you the cost of extra prints.
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