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No contracts, fast processing, low rates - Global Claim Service can save you money on your claims processing. If you have someone doing claims - promote them to Sales! Let us do your claims, professionally, quickly and cheaply!
Military Claim Rates
There are two processes currently being used by the DOD for claims submittal - the DPS System and the standard online claims form. GCS supports both - this site has a claims processing page where the claimant can register their claim.
Global Claim Service is registered with the Military Surface Deployment and Distribution Command (SDDC) and processes claims via the Defense Personal Property System (DPS). We also use EasyDPS *
Here is a list of what is provided. For a detailed description click on the SERVICES link above.
$125.00 per DPS Claim using EasyDPS*
$125.00 per Non-DPS Claim (Online via our form)
$150.00 per DPS Claim with more than 20 claim items
  1. Provide a web portal link for military claimants to enter claims into a data base
  2. Provide a copy of the submitted claim document to claimant
  3. Gather information such as documents, pictures, etc from claimant and the forwarder
  4. Negotiate a quick settlement with the claimant on claims less than $500
  5. Set up surveys, estimates, repairs with the claimants
  6. Negotiate a settlement with the claimant
  7. Provide claims processing via the SDDC DPS online system
  8. Advise forwarder how much to pay claimant, repair companies, estimators, etc.
  1. Generate invoices
  2. Contact claimant within 72 hours of claim submission
  3. Provide monthly claims status report
$125.00 per DPS Claim filed thru DPS web site
 *Easy DPS -is a registered tradename of Enterprise Database Corporation
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