Miliatry Moves FAQ
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The Claims Process
A: You always have the option to transfer your claim to the local Military Claims Office (MCO) and still be eligible for Full Replacement Value on items that you cannot come to agreement with.
Q: How long do I have to let the TSP know there was damage on my shipment?
Q: Do I need to submit receipts, replacement documentation, or pictures with my completed claim?
Q: How long will it be before I'm contacted about my claim?
Q: Do I have to get repair estimates before submitting a claim?
Q: How long must I keep the items that were damaged in my move?
Q: What if I can't recall the exact value (original) repair cost or if the item was a gift etc?
Q: How do I establish the original purchase price or current value if item has appreciated. What if I cannot find a precise replacement?
Q: What if the TSP and I cannot come to an agreement on all or certain items that in my claim?
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A: Our adjuster may request additional documentation after reviewing your claim. The adjuster may require pictures of the damaged items. Receipts, proof of value and Manufacturer & Model/Style information may be required for some items.
A: Upon delivery of your shipment, the delivery crew will provide you a form DD-1850 to list any visible/apparent loss or damage. The delivery crew will usually keep the original to send back to the TSP and give you a copy. If further loss or damage is discovered after delivery, you have 75 days to notify the TSP. List further loss or damage on the DD-1851 (the back side of the DD-1850) and either send to the TSP or enter online by selecting the "DD-1851" link on the previous page. The DD-1851 must be postmarked or transmitted within 75 days after delivery. The next step is to file a formal claim via the "Registration" link on the previous page. NOTE: Formal claims filed within 9 months of delivery are eligible for Full Replacement Value. Any claim filed after 9 months and before 2 years are only eligible for depreciated value.
A: Once we receive your registration we will notify you with 72 hours. We will review your claim and contact you to either let you know if we need additional information, a clarification of something on your claim or with a settlement offer.
A: No. Your claims adjuster will contact you if repair estimates are needed. The adjuster will set up and pay the repair estimates. Generally, electronic items with internal damage will require a repair estimate from a qualified technician. If the item is not repairable, a statement from the technician may be required.
A: Until the claim is settled. Please do not discard or repair items without contacting the TSP. However you may get rid of any item that would pose a health or safety hazard, (i.e., broken glass) may be discarded immediately
A: Use your best guess in estimating that information
A: The Internet is a good source for finding replacement costs. Print out the page your item is on and have it ready if we need it after reviewing your claim. If you cannot find an exact replacement, use the best match.